L&H Safety Services LLC.
Press Release
  • Contact: Marty Engelmann
  • Phone: (614)554-5281
  • 9 A.M. EDT, December 15, 2009
L&H Safety Services LLC is the first Ohio Licensed company for Aerosol based fire suppression.

Columbus, OH, December 15, 2009: L&H Safety Services LLC Is the first Ohio
Licensed aerosol fire suppression company y in the state.“We are proud to
announce we are the first to first to apply for and obtain State licensing
through the State” said Marty Engelmann Of L&H Safety Services LLC of Columbus Ohio.
“We are on the forefront of the fire suppression industry and very proud of it.”

For more information about Stat X please visit our web site www.stopsfire.com or contact
Marty Engelmann of L&H Safety Services LLC at 614-554-5281 or email marty@stopsfire.com

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