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Press Release

  • Contact: Marty Engelmann
  • Phone: (614)554-5281

  • 9 A.M. EDT, July 1, 2009


COLUMBUS, OH, JUNE 9, 2010: L&H Safety Services LLC has completed installation of the first Stat-X
aerosol fire suppression system in the state. The system, installed at Patrick Solutions Inc. A leading
provider of colocation and IT support services to Fortune 500 companies for almost 10 years, was chosen
by Mike Patrick because of “its reduced installation and maintenance costs as well as the environmentally
friendly nature of the product, and the security of knowing he would not face retrofitting or replacing the
system due to increased environmental regulations in the future”, according to Marty Engelmann of L&H Safety
Services LLC.

Condensed aerosol technology was originally developed in Russia after WWII as a “flameless” solid propellant
for the Soyuz missile program. Stat-X, manufactured by Fireaway LLC of Minnesota, refined this technology. It
has recently been installed for NASA on the crawlers that move the Space Shuttles to the launch pad and is ideal
for confined spaces such as cellular sites, IT server rooms, machinery spaces, engine compartments, machining
centers and similar applications. Stat-X aerosol generators are self-contained extinguishing units. The generators
act as their own storage, production and delivery devices. Unlike other systems which require storage vessels and
piping for delivery. Stat-X aerosol generators have a highly stable solid charge of aerosol-forming material contained
inside stainless steel canisters. Upon activation, a controlled burn begins inside the canister,producing an ultra-fine
aerosol which exits through discharge ports in the canister. Chemical interaction with the flame’s free radicals provides
rapid fire suppression The Stat-X agent is UL listed and environmentally friendly, having no global warming or ozone
depletion potential. It is non corrosive and non conductive, and is safe for both personnel and equipment. Tests have shown
Stat-X to be up to ten times more effective than other currently available gaseous extinguishing agents, reducing weight
and space requirements for the units.

Marketed worldwide, Stat-X also produces the First Responder, a new tool designed for firefighters, police and other
first responders to use as personal protection devices in emergency entrance or egress situations, as well as to combat
attic, basement, man hole, and car fires, helping to reduce the damage caused from the more conventional application of water.
For more information about Stat-X please visit our web site www.stopsfire.com or contact Marty Engelmann of L&H Safety Services
LLC at (614)554-5281 or email marty@stopsfire.com.